Project Description

 Powerful Flexibility

Our unparalleled inventory control system is comprised of several modules that can be adjusted and calibrated individually for optimal performance.

  • Large 60 character description
  • Fine Line Class and description look-up
  • Product velocity ranking
  • Serial number control
  • Unlimited codes per product
  • Barcode label printing
  • Replenishment ordering
  • Multi-level pricing with forward dated price changes
  • Customer specific price lists Timber and building material control
  • Separate average cost audits are kept
  • All Masterfile changes are tracked, so you can see who changed what and when
  • Calculates GMROI using a true average stock on hand value
  • Manages substitute items
  • Flexible and easy to use Kit Control
  • Bill of Materials Provides the complete status of a stock item including the date the item was last purchased and the details for quantity breaks together with all profit details including margin by percentage and dollars
  • Total Stock control by fine line groups and departments
  • Supports non-diminishing stock items, such as freight and labor
  • Automatically calculates stock turns for the month to date, year to date and last year based on projected sales and average stock holding
  • Every item movement is tracked in a comprehensive transaction file