Project Description

Point of Sale

Our easy to learn and use, touch screen driven POS drives valuable information to the business management system. The POS interface encourages up-selling and cross selling and has just about every imaginable feature you could think of, including quoting, customer orders, electronic signature capture, and mobile POS on wireless tablets!

Our ongoing commitment to POS software improvement includes ongoing engagement with user community, along with advanced technology research and development.

  • Full function retail Point of Sale
  • Automatic price look-up
  • Customer credit control
  • Charge invoice printing
  • Cash balancing of drawer at end of shift
  • Special tallies
  • Parked sales
  • Lost sales control
  • Price override reporting
  • Price matrix – eliminates buddy pricing
  • Quoting system
  • Quantity break pricing
  • Automatically synchronized offline operation
  • Reprint any document
  • Sales tax exempt sales
  • Invoice message by customer type
  • Full customer and stock hot key look-up
  • Layaway control
  • Multiple tender types
  • Customer display Optional 5 cent rounding
  • Tracks all void functions
  • Easily converts cash to account sales
  • Secure refund control
  • EMV credit card and tap and pay processing
  • GST/VAT and Sales Tax
  • Sophisticated special order tracking and historical lookup