Pacsoft Views and Views Lite helps retailers drive efficiencies across the business.

Take lessons learned and improve your business going forward. Analyse slow moving items and set promotions to clear them out, get on top of fast-moving items and manage minimums and maximums.  Gain greater control over cash flow with the ability to select items below their minimum level but elect to only replenish based on last week’s sales.

Filter on any imaginable criteria, create price updates and promotions. Increase your margins through intelligent margin management and improve stock turns with never seen before flexibility.

How is it different?

The approach of creating ‘Views’ to analyze and manage data is unique to business management software. Most systems allow you to work on one item at a time. Pacsoft Views allows you to select items using ‘user generated criteria’ and manage them either individually or as a whole.

Five Things Views Can do That Traditional Backoffice Systems Can’t.

Integrate & Analyze all of your Data with XcelReporter

  • Track and edit as much information as you need, on items, customers and suppliers.

  • Connect and visualize your data in minutes.

  • Analyze data with an intuitive user interface. No programming, just insight.

  • Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight.

  • Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to share it via email to desktops or mobile devices.

Data Blending and Cleaning

To maintain a clean database, you need to be able to merge departments, purge unused items from inventory files, mark inactive items as dropped or close inactive customer accounts, make bulk changes to items for simple tasks like moving locations, to more complex tasks such as changing suppliers.

‘Global Updates’ give you the ability to perform these functions globally which is key to saving hours going through items individually and setting flags or deleting obsolete records.

Easy to Use Interface

A simple to use, Microsoft ribbon style user interface will seem familiar to all users.

Reports can be setup in the batching service and called from the Windows scheduler to automate tasks. Some examples include; capturing sales below an acceptable margin or items approaching their minimum level within a department and notifying the department manager, and customers with diminishing credit.

With the Views unique interface, you tailor forms to match the process you are working on at the time.

Views comes with over 100 predesigned views to get you up and running. All data in Views can be exported to Excel or emailed with the press of a button.

Forward Looking

With the ability to report on what has happened and use that data to drive outcomes in the future, you have unlimited control over your business.

Some examples are:

  • Bulk price changes and account pricing based on sales history and sensitivity.
  • Manage POS prompts for groups of items.
  • Track customer sales activities and find mismatches in buying behaviour.
  • Identify best and worst selling items and tweak pricing accordingly.
  • Build intelligent margin management processes with ease.
  • Identify your best customers and reward them.
  • With the press of a button, reorder unsupplied items from an alternate supplier or branch.


Remain a step ahead with Views mobile apps. From delivery management and tracking, reporting, picking, mobile sales, through to maintaining a competitive edge with the competitor shopping app, Pricer.  Views mobile applications give you the power to unleash your data wherever you are at any time.

Views Features

    • Manage Large Inventory Files
    • Analyze Large Volumes of Data
    • Improve Business Performance
    • Generate Pricing & Replenishment