Training is Essential.

Training in any computer system is a crucial consideration for any company. At Pacsoft, we are committed to providing the highest possible level of training, ensuring that staff are fully prepared to hit the ground running.

Pacsoft’s system training is delivered by skilled professionals and supplemented by informative tutorials and video tutorials designed to provide effective on-going help. With Pacsoft you have the option of training on-site or via live online meetings. Training on-site is best suited for two or more people who are able to participate with limited or no interruptions.

To maximize the success of your training, we provide a pre-installation questionnaire which is completed prior to the training session, which helps us to ascertain existing user knowledge of computers, work functions, and specific areas of responsibilities. The Pacsoft Trainer will analyze this information and prepare a customized training program to match each individual’s needs.

To achieve a maximum return on investment, we recommend that at least one staff member complete the training with the purpose of being the System Administrator responsible for the training and guidance of other staff.

At Pacsoft we want to see you succeed, because ultimately your success is our success!